To effectively market your brand or product, you need to make sure that you fully understand who your customers are and how they behave. Understanding their fears, their actions, where they hang out and what information they consume is the key to making sure your message is being delivered to the right people at the right time.

This resources section is a collection of industry research reports, blogs, articles and best-practice guides that we think will help you gain a better understanding of the challenges, opportunities and ever changing trends.

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| Tuesday, Mar 22 2016

Content, the foundation of our business

Our content is the foundation of our business. It provides cutting edge journalism, helping you to reach your target audience. Both Duncan Wood (Editor-in-Chief of and Victor Anderson (Editor-in-Chief of WatersTechnology) talk about the core value and drive behind the journalism for and WatersTechnology. Watch the video today and get in touch if […]

| Thursday, Mar 10 2016

Move over content, it’s about context | Clickz

Author: Malanie White | Clickz Move over, content. Context is the new kid in town! MasterCard’s VP of Global Digital Marketing reveals the company’s five-tier approach to mobile and why context is at the center of it all. Anyone that has been in marketing for a while will be all too familiar with that golden […]

| Thursday, Mar 10 2016

Goldman Sachs | 90% digital marketing

Author: Yuyu Chen | Clickz Amanda Rubin, managing director and global co-head of brand and content strategy at Goldman Sachs, says the company has been active in the world of digital marketing, with an emphasis on content and social. Goldman Sachs (Goldman), a leading global investment banking firm, has found its own way to tap […]

| Thursday, Dec 03 2015 | website relaunch

After extensive reader research and consultation, today relaunched its website. Built in a fully responsive format, readers can now enjoy the same fantastic experience of on any device. The new website is built purely for its readers, with engagement and ease of use at the heart of the design.  Among the numerous changes, […]