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We provide our global audience with up-to-date and in-depth data and analysis.
Our core audiences are business and finance executives, industry analysts, professional advisors, academics and government officers, from all major investment banks and asset management firms across the buy- and sell-side and other specialist areas servicing the financial markets. Cradle to the grave content means that decision makers and influencers seek our intelligence to obtain business profits and growth.

We can help you to:

  • Inform your key customers
  • Engage with industry experts
  • Enable you to convey your brand message

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With our expertise, you can reach your core audience through a variety of marketing channels.

Risk and Trading Technology infographic

Risk and Trading Technology infographic

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Content is at the heart of our business. By working with Risk Management and Trading Technology on your integrated marketing campaigns you will reap the full benefits of how using content marketing of your firm’s insight and advice will change people’s minds and incite action for influencing and making purchasing decisions, via search, social and targeting.

Offering a full range of custom research, surveys, webcasts, videos and whitepapers for firms looking to develop thought-leadership, plus generate and nurture sales leads via sophisticated integrated marketing campaigns.

Custom segments

Risk Management

Risk management professionals analyse and document risks associated with a company’s business operations and monitor the effectiveness of risk management processes. The risk management department focuses attention on company-wide, operational, compliance, financial, technology and asset-related risks.


Derivatives professionals require accurate valuations to assess risk and will be seeking accurate context-giving data to be able to trade with confidence. As markets and products are continuously evolving their level of customer service and quality of advice is of paramount importance to professionals working in these markets.


Demand for regulatory strategic advice is now stronger than ever. Regulatory professionals have a duty to ensure their firms comply with all the regulations set and the implications of this to daily activities whilst working with government and local regulatory agencies on specific issues that will affect their business.

Asset Management & Insurance

Asset managers and insurance firms need to understand the products that they buy from investment banks and understand the risks they and their investments may be exposed to. The financial crisis and the subsequent increase in regulation has forced the “buy-side” to understand and manage these risks more than ever before.


The importance of energy to the modern economy is unrivalled; subsequently this sector is rapidly changing. Fundamental shifts are sweeping the market and financial professionals need to be up-to-speed with the fast-changing global energy marketplace. Our dedicated vertical segment allows investors, risk managers and analysts to keep up to date with the speed of change.

Trading Technology

Increasing transparency and flexibility in trading, enables companies to raise business performance. Advances in technology such as automation, innovative market research tools and sophisticated testing platforms mean that traders in banks, investment firms, exchanges and brokerages must seek out the most effective technologies on the market.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Worth $5.3 trillion globally, it includes all central banks and governments, plus banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and corporate businesses. Foreign exchange professionals need to be able to identify currency risks and offer solutions specific to their client’s situations.

Financial Stability & Monetary Policy

Central Banks are the fulcrum of financial markets. Their decisions on interest rates, exchange rates, credit creation and regulation cascade through market. Robust strategies are key to central bankers success, with only a dim view of the future they must prevent big mistakes that can arise from misperceptions of the state of the economy.

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