Reach our Central Banking audience – 2018 focus reports

Central Banking has over 25 years of experience in the industry. It is with this experience that they are able to offer you advice on how best to reach your target market.
Throughout 2018 Central Banking will be running a number of focus reports based on requested topics of interest that will also provide you key media platforms for your message.
The reports aim to:

  • Build awareness of brand and its understanding of the sector;
  • Facilitate informed contributions to the debate as it develops
  • Develop, extend and enhance audience engagement through multiple touchpoints;
  • Create timely, original and relevant branded content that will enjoy significant shelf-life among the target audience;

The Central Banking focus reports will bring together leading specialists from the commercial sector and central banking community to analyse the demands facing central banks and develop a first view of emerging global good practice. Drawing on both specialists and end-user viewpoints, the reports will become a touchstone for central bank practitioners, executives and boards, providing the only dedicated reference for this critically important audience.

Topics covered:

Mobile payment | Financial market infrastructure | Risk management | Custody | Macro-prudential policy | ETFs: A mean to diversify? | IT for portfolio management | Financial inclusion | New economics of central banking

What do the partner packages include?

Focus report launch webinar

  • Associated branding
    Full details for registered attendees

Research survey

  • 20-30 audience members on the subject of choice
    Consultation on survey creation
    Associated branding
    2,000 survey report write-up

Post research webinar

  • Developed in partnership
    Associated branding
    Full details for registered attendees
    Publish live on a pre-defined date.

 4,000-word write-up
Up to 4,000-word write-up of webinar within the focus report (published online and in print)

2,000 word branded thought leadership article

A 3-month online advertising campaign

  • Appearing on
    Appearing on newsletters

How can you partner?

If you are interested in becoming a partner for our up-coming focus reports, please do get in touch using the form below or email [email protected]